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Terrible customer service!! Rude and harassing senior citizens!!! Dirty and low down staff!! DON'T RENT FROM THEN!!!

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I just wanted to say i have used this company several times and have nothing but great results. I did exactly how the lady instructed me to do and was in my house within weeks. I see some complaints on here saying they are a scam but let me ask you this.....did you actually utilize the service the way instructed before you go blasting a company online??? I did get my first list on the day i got started and did not find anything so i got a new... Read more

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A suprisingly awful experience. I thought we were working with a good honest rental manger that turned out to be a liar and a thef. Was always praised by the property manager and the landlord for how well we kept up the propery and how good tenants we were only to find out 35+ days AFTER WE MOVED. That we are being charged for repairs that were fadercatedly put togather I was never offered a walk through by property manager and recieved praise... Read more

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Apparently these folks are pulling copies of other peoples ads and acting like they have them to rent? I got 2 calls on a property that I had pulled my craigs list listing down 3 weeks prior (already rented) It looks like they are hitting people up for 79 a pop to FIND them a property. Sure looks suspiciously like a scam....... If it is not, then it has missed a good chance at it LOL. I would be doing a bunch of research before I used any type... Read more

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I specifically asked her if she could find me any properties in Davidson county. She said yes but when I received the list it ended up being everywhere BUT Davidson. Then not only that all the places were rented out. A few of the people told me they didn't even know who Hometown Rentals were. I generally don't fall for scams but my mom assured me this was a qualified business that would help me. I knew something was fishy when 2 things happened... Read more

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I was hired by hometown rentals as a customer service employee. Well this was a scam, very misleading. I was called on a Monday and told he had more interviews and he would call me Wednesday. He called Wednesday said he would call me Friday he had more interviews. He called on Friday, same story, said he would call on Monday and he did said i could start tuesday i said i would have to give my current boss a notice and i could start thursday... Read more

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I was told the incorrect information upon signing up for this service. Upon my attempts to receive their "list of properties" I have been told that I cannot EMAIL customer service for the list except between 3-5 pm. I am well aware of how electronic correspondence operates and I am completely baffled as A) to why these people think that I have the time to precisely time an EMAIL every single day for between 3-5 and b) why they can't just send... Read more

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None of what i was promised before payment was even close to what I recieved. Most of these listings were just pulled from other websites. Free websites. Please contact me asap Read more

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I need to rent a home in Mount Juliet asked lady if they had any she said there was several paid the $79 they emailed me the list 15 minutes later guaranteed me that they would be some in Mount Juliet in Lebanon area all the homes were rented called to get a refund they said they don't do refunds they take advantage of people in desperate need Fish company should not be in business they need to be turned into the Better Business Bureau I... Read more

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I register with hometown rentals and they too my $79 and scammed me!! The Lisa woman who worked with me was just rude as can be. They refused to refund my money, gave me fake lists, and none of the landlords I called had even heard of them before?! Don't waste your money. These people take houses off of and and other sites and say they work for the landlords when tey do not!! Do not be a victim of fraud because I was :(... Read more

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