I can't help but get a relieved feeling for not using this "service" I got a call from a blocked number which was odd enough telling me the price was $65, the website says $79, the website wasn't very professional looking and had a strange rudely stated comment along the lines of "we shouldn't have to hold your hand " Grammar and spelling were wrong, and other positive comments on THIS site sounded like they were regurgitated from the websites advertising. I love to help small businesses but this screams SCAM or INSUFFICIENT SERVICES.

The representative who called himself "Heath Garrett" who seemed to forget his own name, said there was a money back guarantee but i could not find this on the site anywhere. So unless you feel like making a decent donation to the "Scammers Households Abroad" charity, I say: buyer's be ware.

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This is in response to the "very fishy" Hometown Rentals complaint. I work for Hometown Rentals and have been doing so for several years.

We have helped hundreds of people find a home. The only people who have trouble finding a home are the ones that wait until the last minute to look for a home or they need a home with an unrealistic criteria. The price for Nashville clients is $69 and for Birmingham clients is $79.

The Birmingham office has a higher overhead to operate, which is why the cost is different. I would recommend our service to anyone wanting to take the headache out of searching for a rental home.

to Anonymous Leeds, Alabama, United States #790093

they write great stuff about themselves... yeah.

*** ARTIST! I wonder how much longer Heath Garrett can live a lie. It's tax season so he should be good conning people for now.


to Anonymous Leeds, Alabama, United States #790095

Hometown Rentals stole another guys database from TN and had to hide in AL. The only people that have worked there for that long is Stephanie or Heath.

Only like 5 people work there at a time. Please repent and know that you're scamming people. You've been doing in since 1997 according to Heath Garrett.

The story always changes. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!

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